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Report From The Desk of A Clinical Biochemist and Herbal and Alternative Medicine Researcher

Blood Sugar TOO HIGH?

You're Not Alone!

Africa is the Region with the highest proportion of undiagnosed diabetes, with 60% of adults currently living with diabetes unaware of their condition.

19 million adults (20-79) are living with diabetes in the IDF Africa Region in 2019. This figure is estimated to increase to 47 million by 2045

Over 100 million Africans worry about high blood sugar levels since it puts them at greater risk for everything from heart disease and stroke to kidney failure and blindness.

If you’re among that group, here is a powerful book you must read if you want to stabilize your blood sugar for the rest of your life…


If you’re worried about a blood sugar imbalance leading to diabetes, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to try the safe, natural, all-day blood-sugar stabilizing secret that’s changing the lives of TENS OF THOUSANDS of men and women … without drugs … without Surgery … without injections!

At Last…  A Natural All Day Blood Sugar Stabilizing Secret that puts drugs to shame…

Don’t worry another minute about your blood sugar levels… 




Dear Friend,

Is your blood sugar too high and draining you of energy? 

Have You Been Labeled a pre diabetic?

Do you stress about what to eat out of fear you’re making matters worse for your health?

If you answered YES or MAYBE to any of these three questions, YOU’RE NOT ALONE

79 million people are pre-diabetic with high blood sugar levels that make them feel famished and thirsty, exhausted, irritable with added blurred vision and tingling in the hands and feet

What’s more unsettling?

Twenty-five millions Africans suffer from type II diabetes which puts them at greater risk for everythingbfrom heart disease and stroke to kidney failure and blindness

Maybe you or a loved one are caught in one of these two groups and face each day with the sword of bad blood sugar hanging overhead

If so, I have very goodnews for you today.

Now, you can stop worrying about whether everything you eat is making your blood sugar levels rise higher.

You can stop worrying about failing your next glucose test… You can stop worrying about the threat of diabetes and now…

You can start enjoying your life, your health, and all your favorite foods as never before.

AFRICA’S BIGGEST HEALTH CRISIS: Type 2 diabetes (which accounts for 90% of the diabetes cases) is the fastest escalating disease in Africa, and doctors prescribe drugs for it that do little to stem the tide.

Diabetes is routinely linked to insulin resistance, high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, stroke, kidney failure, glaucoma and blindness. 



A Complete Blueprint To Effortlessly Control Your Blood Sugar For The Rest Of Your Life!

Here Is what You Will Learn In The Book


Very Informative

I found this very informative. I’m going to apply my findings to my healthy eating . I’m trying to be more conscious of my health for my future.


                  Mrs Folashade   Nutritionist

Filled With Actionable insights!!!

I learned a lot about the body, food and herbs. I’m going to try to get my blood sugar levels down


                       John Agbolahor  Business Consultant

I Found It Helpful!!!

Book is very easy to understand. My mom was diabetic but handled her illness on her own. Now it’s my husband who is pre diabetic so this book is good for me to get lots of information in case his condition changes.


          Mrs Janet Chizoba  Event Planner

How does BLOOD SUGAR ASPIRATOR  work so you can lower your blood sugar naturally and get the most energy and health from your food… all at the same time?

Before i tell you the answer that Big Pharma Doesn’t want you to know about..

First let me offer a little background on blood sugar burnout and why you don’t want to ignore it.

There are two main characters in any blood sugar drama: Glucose and Insulin

Glucose, made from carbohydrates, is your body’s major energy source.

Insulin is the only way to get glucose into your cells.

Simply stated, when you put too much glucose in your blood, your pancreas responds by pumping out more insulin.

When that cycle goes on for too long, your pancreas suffers fatigue and your cells become insulin-resistant and… THEY DON’T GET FED.

Starved cells make you more hungry, more thirsty  and increase your craving for more empty-calorie foods and that only puts more strain on your pancreas and increases your blood sugar levels

How to Heal Diabetes

Here is important news for anyone with diabetes. A remarkable book is now available that reveals medically tested principles that can help normalize blood sugar naturally.. and greatly improve the complications associated with diabetes. 

People report better vision, more energy, faster healing, regained feeling in their feet, as well as a reduction of various risk factors associated with other diseases.

Its called “Blood Sugar Aspirator” and it was researched, developed and written by a Clinical Biochemist and Health Researcher. It shows you exactly how nature can activate your body’s built-in healers once you start eating the right combination of foods.

It can work for both Type I and Type II diabetes and people report it has helped reduce their insulin resistance.

It can give diabetics control of their lives and a feeling of satisfaction that comes from having normal blood sugar profiles.

The “Blood Sugar Aspirator” is based on the latest scientific research. It tells you which delicious foods to eat and which to avoid.

It also warns you of the potential danger of certain so called “diabetes’’

“Blood Sugar Aspirator” Is based on documented Scientific  Principles that can help:

  • Eliminate Ketones and give you more abundant energy

  • Make blood sugar levels go from high risk to normal

  • Stimulates scratches and scrapes to heal faster

  • Improve eyesight

  • Improve your balance

  • Help Numb feet regain a level of feeling

  • Reverse neuropathy and resultant heel ulcers

Improvement may be seen in other areas as well, such as lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and reduced triglyceride levels.

There may also be a reduction of other risk factors associated with: heart attacks, stroke, retinopathy, kidney damage.

What’s more, it may help improve short term memory and make you feel more alert and no longer chronically tired. Improvements of double vision (diplopia) may also be experienced.

If you or someone you know have diabetes, this could be the most important book you’ll ever read. As Part of a special introductory offer, right now you can order a Copy of “Blood Sugar Aspirator”  for only N2,999 or $7.31 It comes with a 30 days money back guarantere.

If you are not 100% satisfied, simply return it for a full refund… no questions asked.

Don't Miss A Chance To Manage Diabetes

See What Others Are Saying About The Brand New Book

First week of January  I was diagnosed with diabetes. My blood glucose at the time was 383 and my A1C was 11.6! I began researching diabetes and found this book online.  I began taking the daily challenge for normalizing sugar levels and I was consistent with it

  I just received my new lab results today.

  In just 7 weeks my blood glucose is 120 and my A1C is 6.8!!! Thank you so much for giving me the direction to reverse my diabetes!!! The 30 days Blood Sugar Level challenge is a must have book for people living with diabetes!

 This book works!



– Mrs Charles

If you only ever read one book for Diabetes this is it. I was diagnosed wth Diabeties 16 years ago and wish I had this book then.

Although I have controlled it with a low carb diet I have still occasionally suffered from symptoms that I associate with Diabetes side effects.

This book Is an  eye opener in so many ways, explaining the disease in ways I have never heard before but makes absolute sense. 



– Mr. Michael David

This book is a 10/10. It is engaging, enlightening, and empowering. It’s the perfect balance of being super evidence-based while also being easy to understand for those of us who aren’t a science wiz.

The authors break down the information so that it is digestible and approachable — truly the best and most compelling explanation I’ve ever heard. Because of this information, I know what is actually happening in the body when someone has diabetes, why that is happening, and how to address the underlying issue.

This is the information that the diabetes world NEEDS to hear!!!


  – Victor Ndubisi

Get All The Support And Guidance You Need To Be A Success At Dealing With Diabetes The Healthy Way.

This Book Is One Of The Most Valuable Resources In The World When It Comes To Learning How Nutritional remedies  Can Control Blood Sugar Levels

The 100-page eBook is an amazing resource book on diabetes, which every diabetic would like to possess. It teaches you how to keep this energy-sapping disorder under control using scientifically proven natural remedies by simply checking your blood glucose level

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