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The food formula for spending less on dog feed How to spend less on dog feeds.

Stop spending 100k to 200k feeding your dog monthly.

Learn the secret of giving your dog a healthy meal with less than 30k monthly with my unique  dog feed formulation.

This works for all dogs types. 


I’ve put together every information about this in an ebook and it cost just 5k only.  

This is a must for every dog owner that have spending huge on dog feed. With this formula you’ll spend way less than you have been spending before and your dogs will grow and become very healthy.

Learn my best kept secret research of how I spend little to nothing on dog feed every month.


Just last year 1 kg of Booster was sold at N1500 now it has increased to N2500 just like that without any prior notice for us to adjust to the new price.


Some of us go to the market to return back spending more than we budgeted because of this.


Some of us spend more than N100,000 to N200,000 feeding our dogs monthly.


I struggled with this alot as a dog lover and trainer for many years.


Until I found out…


There were some people who escaped this financial exploit.


Some people were spending less than N30,000 monthly to feed their dogs.


It was a jaw-dropping shock to me…


Just like us, they raised healthy dogs, trained and fed them but unlike us they didn’t spend up to quarter of what we spend on dog feeding.


I did more digging..


I just couldn’t let it go because I was paying through my teeth to feed my dogs.


Now there was a possibility of cutting down my huge spending on dog feeds and still raising my healthy dogs.


It was a win-win for me.


My name is Friday Ade Williams and just like you I am a lover of dogs and I have trained so many dogs.


I have devoted my time to learning everything about dogs…


From canine health, to dog training to AKC rules.


All just to ensure one thing- my breeds improve.


One thing I can tell you for free is raising a dog is not a one day job…


From genetic screening and health test before breeding to the supplies and medical care


To the cost of whelping and raising puppies…


The cost of raising a dog can be high


Now add feeding to that…


The amount triples,


Especially if you are like me that wants their breeds to grow healthy.


I know there may be temptation now and then to just feed your dog ANYTHING just to ensure they feed but down the line that may affect your dog…


And you may end up paying heavily for hospital bills.


Aside from that…


I can’t condone the thought of seeing dogs malnourished due to lack of quality food.


That’s why I am sharing my best kept secret research of how I have been able to spend little to nothing on dog feed and still raise healthy dogs with fellow dog lovers.


So if you are a dog lover like me…


Promise me one thing…


That you won’t abuse this knowledge I’m about to share with you.


Because the thing is…


There are a lot of unsafe ingredients of dog food in books out there circulating around.


Unfortunately, not all dog authors are aware of these unsafe ingredients.


The best way to avoid it is to familiarize yourself with the best type of food for dogs


And that’s just one of the things you will learn when you get your hands on this ebook.


How to prepare Homemade Healthy Dog feed by Yourself.

This e-book helps dog owners battling with expensive dog feeds spend little to nothing to make homemade feeds for their dogs according to what they can afford.


Take Your Dog’s Lifestyle Into Account


From A to Z you see all the needed requirements for a dog feed.

After Getting This E-book, You'll say


You already know how much you spend to feed your dog every month so I don’t have to remind you…
With this how to prepare homemade healthy dog feed by yourself   
You can feed more than 13 dogs every month comfortably without shaking
Without spending huge sums to feed them.
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Spending little to nothing every month on dog feed and raising healthy dogs.

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