Improved Hygiene and Comfort: Say goodbye to unhygienic toilet experiences with our thickened, waterproof and stain-resistant silicone toilet seat cover

Now you can have a Clean and Comfortable Experience anytime you use the toilet even public toilets and you can read your newspapers, books or press your phone for hours!


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if your toilet seat is always unclean and dirty with urine stain, stain from feaces making your bathroom unhygienic that you can't sit on's time to Say goodbye to the discomfort and unhygienic conditions of your toilet.

Let’s face it – the toilet is a sanctuary some of us read newspapers, and books and press our phones while using the toilet that we end up spending hours there…maybe the odour is nice, I don’t know for you

But there is also the cold, hard truth that a dirty toilet seat can make using the toilet a terrible experience

Especially if you share the toilet with more than other people or wen you use a public toilet, some will urinate on the toilet seat, dirty the seat and just make it uncomfortable for you to sit on

We understand the frustration and discomfort that comes with that...that's why which is why we've created a solution that will revolutionize your bathroom experience.

Imagine a world where you sit on your toilet seat and use your toilet comfortably every time you use the toilet.

And your toilet seat is super clean and hygienic

No more urine stains, no more feaces stains, and no more dirt on your toilet seat..


A toilet seat is clean and comfortable and also makes your bathroom clean, hygienic and comfortable

Preventing illness or the spread of diseases

You can now have a toilet seat that’s always clean, always warm, and always ready to provide you with the utmost comfort.

With the thickened, waterproof, and dirt-resistant silicone toilet seat cover, you can enjoy a clean and cozy toilet and bathroom experience without worrying about germs, bacteria, or diseases!


It is portable and easily foldable due to it being made from Silicone allowing you to enjoy comfort and hygiene wherever you go.


Whether you’re traveling, visiting friends or family, or staying in a hotel, simply bring along your lightweight and compact pad to transform any toilet seat into a comfortable one.


Don’t wait another day to experience the comfort and hygiene you deserve.


Order the silicone toilet seat cover today and transform your toilet experience!

why you should get the silicone toilet seat cover today:

✅Hygienic Protection: A protection against bacteria, germs, and diseases, ensuring a clean seat every time.

✅Enhanced Comfort: Experience the luxury of a soft and cushioned toilet seat, eliminating discomfort and making every visit to the bathroom a pleasure.

✅Easy to Clean: With its waterproof properties, silicone toilet seat cover can be effortlessly wiped clean, saving you time and hassle while maintaining a high hygiene level in your toilet and bathroom.

✅Durable and Long-Lasting: Built to withstand daily use, our toilet seat pad is durable and resilient, enjoy years of hygienic and comfortable use without worry.

✅ Your Comfort, Any Toilet even Public Toilet: Take the comfort with you, no matter where you go. you can enjoy enhanced comfort and hygiene no matter where you go. Whether you’re traveling, camping, or visiting friends, Simply pack it in your bag or suitcase and transform any toilet seat into a comfortable and clean one.

Protects you from germs and bacteria, Say goodbye to unhygienic and unclean toilets and hello to a cleaner and healthier toilet and bathroom environment.

Transform your toilet experience with the luxurious comfort of the soft silicone pad, making every visit to the toilet a moment of relaxation and comfort.

Durable and long-lasting providing you with a comfortable and hygienic place to sit.

Comfort On-the-Go: Experience Portable Luxury with The Silicone Toilet Seat Cover!

Whether you’re traveling, visiting friends or family, or staying in a hotel, simply bring along your lightweight and compact toilet seat cover to transform any toilet seat into a comfortable oasis.

Never compromise on comfort and cleanliness, even when you’re away from home.

With our portable pad, you have the freedom to experience superior comfort and hygiene wherever life takes you.

Installs on any toilet seat without difficulty, regardless of whether it is top or bottom installed. It fits every type of toilet.


See what more people like you are saying...

Sticks well to my toilet seat.
Seems to be easy to clean. I like that it comes with a carrying bag for easy travel. Seems to fit the toilet seat well. Does not slide on the seat. Not too thick or thin, I guess. Easy to work with. 

So far, I’m happy with it. Now I can feel a little at ease knowing my Child and I can use public restrooms safely.
NO MORE Lining the seat with toilet paper.

Mrs. Amina Ozovehe

As a lady, I hate having to sit or squat even in hotel toilet that appear clean. I guess the thought of someone else having used the facility before me heightens my sensitivity to this issue.

I find this product suits my need. It is extremely convenient to carry with you due to the folding nature of the product itself and the durable and very easy to clean material.

I have purchased an extra for myself and given away several, always with favorable results.

Olabolanle Ayobami

Ever since I installed the Waterproof Soft Silicone Toilet Seat Cover in my home here in Enugu, my family and I have been enjoying a level of comfort and hygiene we never thought possible. The easy-to-clean surface means I can ensure a germ-free environment for my children, and the soft touch of the silicone is a welcome relief from the hard, cold seats we were used to.

Chinedu Kingsley

transform any toilet seat whether at home or public into a clean, comfortable and hygienic toilet


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◉ Free & Fast Delivery
◉ 1-Year Warranty
◉ 30-Days money-back guarantee
25% Discount


Old Price: ₦‎38,000 (Save ₦‎7,000)


◉ Payment on Delivery
◉ Free & Fast Delivery
◉ 1-Year Warranty
◉ 30-Days money-back guarantee
◉ 25% Discount


Old Price: ₦‎174,000 (Save ₦‎51,000)


◉ Payment on Delivery
◉ Free & Fast Delivery
◉ 1-Year Warranty
◉ 30-Days money-back guarantee
◉ 25% Discount


Old Price: ₦‎87,000 (Save ₦‎19,000)

Every order of Wheels AB Roller comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

We are so confident in the transformative power of the Silicone Toilet Seat Cover that we offer you an ironclad 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you don’t experience the results you desire within 30 days of purchase and use, simply let us know, and we’ll gladly refund your investment – no questions asked.

Your trust is our commitment to your success.

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